Florence Rises From the Flood

Published on October 31, 2016 10:25 PM | Comments

Several years ago I came across an image, in color, of the flood of 1966 that was credited to a B. Kolrab. After some on and off digging around, I finally tracked it down as the work of architectural photographer Balthazar Korab (more on that side of the story soon).

The thing that intrigued me most about that particular color photograph however was what I learned after this blog helped discover and publicize the color photos of Joseph Blaustein - that most Florentines are under the impression that color photos of the flood did not exist.

This summer I visited the Library of Congress where I found an article in the archives from National Geographic, "Florence Rises From the Flood", that is literally full of color photos from several photographers. This is the cover page of the article:


As this weeks ends on the 50th anniversary of the epic deluge of Florence, I will be posting more images and excerpts from the article, and some images from the Korab archives, as well as news of the coverage of this years events.

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