Florence Flood of 1966 MP3

Published on October 5, 2006 3:44 PM | Comments

This is pretty interesting - both the idea (MP3 audio tours to play on your iPod - I thought that was my original idea!) and the content - an audio tour that takes you through Florence and the flood of 1966. We haven't heard this yet - but if anyone does buy this or has heard it in the past, we would like to know what you think (you can tell us in the comments). This (I suppose) is a sample of the tour:

santacroce.jpg"Santa Croce was the first populated area to be overflowed by the flood. This area remained under the water longer compared to the others because it's lower with respect to the river. The Arno river completely filled the Cloister, it penetrated into the crypt, it disrupted the tombs of the Church. The works of removing the mud and the rubble took about two months. But the damages didn't finish here: the Franciscan fathers and those in charge of the Belle Arti saw the most devastating reality: the Crucifix by Cimabue, located in the Museum inside the big Franciscan refectory, was destroyed. Among great difficulties the heavy painted cross, drenched with water, was brought down and laid in a horizontal position. It took six hours to accomplish this difficult task, while the flakes of colour detached and fell in the mud. The mud was sieved and some fragments were recovered."

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